6 Health Benefits of Activated Charcoal

6 Health Benefits of Activated Charcoal

6 Health Benefits of Activated Charcoal


In the medicinal circle, Activated charcoal is the name given to easily digestible capsules or tablets which work as detoxifying agents or food supplements. These come with a wide range of benefits for the health, which include the following:


Full detoxification


Long-term exposure to various toxins can lead to premature ageing, lowered immunity, allergic reactions and cellular damage. The intake of activated charcoal can remove all the toxins from the system, and allow the glands and organs to function as normally as before. It can allow full detoxification of the body and restore health.




Activated charcoal can neutralize the effects of alcohol, chemicals, drugs and many types of poisons. If you accidentally ingest any poison or unwanted poison, you can flush them out of your system with only a big dose of activated carbon. It can absorb most of the inorganic and organic chemicals, lead, mercury, pesticides and even drugs before they cause harm to your system.




With advancing age, the brain gets very sensitive to various toxins. The rate of sensitiveness and degeneration of the brain is slowed down by activated carbon. This promotes improved cognitive function. It can help avoid a lot of cellular changes that arise due to aging, kidney and adrenal gland functions.


Alleviating digestive problems


When you digest foods such as beans, the bacterial decomposition often results in gas problems or diarrhea. Activated charcoal can bind itself to the byproducts resulting from bacteria and provide relief from various digestive problems. You can combine 2 tbsp activated charcoal powder into 1 glass of water and take the solution half an hour prior to your meal, to relieve flatulence. Take care not to consume over 4,000 mg in a 24-hour period.


Cardiac health improvement


Activated charcoal may be able to reduce the amount of triglycerides, lipids and bad cholesterol in your brain, heart, liver and blood. It can reduce the risks of heart disorders through the absorption of fat. It can also protect the heart by cleaning up all traces of environmental toxins from the body.


Curing chronic flatulence
Some users swear by the benefits of activated charcoal in alleviating chronic flatulence. But the benefits are largely anecdotal and the effects have not been proven medically. Activated charcoal is primarily used for absorbing toxins from the intestinal tract and stomach. But it can also absorb some of the nutrients, thus reducing the nutritional value of some food supplements. Due to this reason, charcoal should only be taken with a physician’s approval.

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