4 Oz US FOOD GRADE Activated Charcoal Powder

Comes in Resealable Plastic Jar for Your Convenience and to Preserve Freshness.
Highly Adsorbent Agent, Adsorbs Toxins, Colors & Smells
Food Grade and 100% USA Hardwood

Activated Charcoal Powder is one in every of nature so much environment friendly adsorbents and is used as a air purifier. It’s Extremely talented at putting off colour, taste, and scent compounds from drinks corresponding to juice, wine, and sweeteners. This activated charcoal is Meals-grade high quality and is made in the us from one hundred% Hardwood and not using a fillers and binders.
Is available in Resealable Plastic Jar for Your Comfort and to Keep Freshness.
Extremely Adsorbent Agent, Adsorbs Pollutants, Colours & Smells
Meals Grade and one hundred% USA Hardwood
Box Jar Has Been Cut back-Wrapped For Freshness
No Fillers and Binders


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