4 Packs *450g Natural Air Purifying Activated Charcoal Bag for Car and Home

Formaldehyde of indoor decorate a legacy,TVOC,, ammonia, hydrogen sulfide, etc Harmful gas has good adsorption and decomposition. Improve the bedroom environment
Bamboo charcoal with humidity two-way regulating function, Wet to open air conditioning room can be automatically, maintain moisture balance
Bamboo charcoal can increase the amount of negative ions in the air, Create a good physical and mental health work, living environment.

1.Ornament air pollution remedy,Get rid of formaldehyde, benzene, ammonia, TVOC, and the like, Get rid of the scent。Recurrently utilized in indoor Rainy purification, beautify, ambry with the exception of flavour and inside purification. The carbon bag at the bed room,Cloth cabinet, shoe ark, rest room, automobile, and the like(In keeping with the the usage of scenario,well timed dispose of basked Within the sunshine,Resume the serve as of carbon),Within the indoor Position(Ark, tea desk, the auto and so forth)Electromagnetic radiation can successfully stay out

2.Position its the place wanted and the bamboo charcoal is self-activated to take in the impurities Within the air. As soon as a month, placed beneath solar for a minimum of an hour to rejuvinate the bag for additional use. After one years of use, reduce the bag open and pour the bamboo charcoal on your lawn. It may be used as a fertilizer plant.
Formaldehyde of indoor beautify a legacy,TVOC,, ammonia, hydrogen sulfide, and the like Damaging gasoline has just right adsorption and decomposition. Fortify the bed room surroundings
Bamboo charcoal with humidity -means regulating serve as, Rainy to open air con room may also be robotically, care for moisture stability
Bamboo charcoal can building up the volume of poor ions Within the air, Create a just right bodily and psychological well being paintings, residing surroundings.
It’s just right in your wholesome to position charcoal on your automobile and your own home
Choice of programs:Set of 4 (each and every packs weight approximately 450g )


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