Amazing Herbs Premium Black Seed Oil 1250mg 60sfg (2 Pack)

1250mg Black Seed Oil Per Serving
120 Softgel Capsules (60 Per Bottle)
Excellent Source of Unsaturated Essential Fatty Acids (EFA’s)

THERAPEUTIC GRADE NEW! 60 Softgels – Every 1250mg Black Seed Oil MEGA-GELS softgel is similar to ¼ teaspoon of oil. Black Seed oil is wealthy Supply of unsaturated Crucial fatty acids (EFA’s) and be offering many dietary advantages for excellent well being. The softgel Pills supply a handy option to take a constant quantity of Black Seed oil with out the unique style of the oil. one hundred% Purity Assured. Wonderful Herbs Top rate Black Seed oil is a useful Supply of EFA’s three/6/nine’s and in addition comprises very tough phytochemicals Nigellone and Thymoquinone together with different vitamins that paintings synergistically to improve the frame’s more than a few purposes. Prompt Use: For adults, take 1 softgel two times day by day or as directed via a health care provider. 4 1250mg softgels are similar to 1 teaspoon.
1250mg Black Seed Oil According to Serving
120 Softgel Pills (60 According to Bottle)
Superb Supply of Unsaturated Crucial Fatty Acids (EFA’s)


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