B-HADA III – 4 Essential Fatty Acids

+90% OMEGA – 3+7+9
Support for Heart & Optimal Wellness.
Burp-free and oder free Fish Gelatin / no bovin Gelatin

PHARMACEUTICAL-GRADE 70% GLA + ninety% OMEGA-three+7+nine B-HADA III method “gorgeous pores and skin” in Jap. B-HADA III is a singular advanced prime in GLA (70%), omega-three as EPA+DHA, omega-7 and omega-nine for Most reliable absorption and isn’t genetically engineered. Borage oil is basically used on account of its gamma- linolenic acid (GLA) content material. GLA is a frame pleasant Omega-6 fatty acid, that is much more efficient whilst blended with Omega-three. Western nutritional behavior result in shortages of Omega-three and GLA. We devour too many saturated fat, and Omega-6 (as linoleic acid!), from margarine or sunflower, corn and peanut oil. This distinctive advanced is enriched with natural sea buckthorn oil (omega-7) and very best focused fish oil containing > ninety% omega-three. This makes B-HADA III reasonably remarkable in offering a powerful stability of fatty acids among omega-three, -7 and -nine.
+ninety% OMEGA – three+7+nine
Toughen for Center & Most reliable Wellbeing.
Burp-Unfastened and oder Unfastened Fish Gelatin / no bovin Gelatin
Eco-pleasant and Warmth-Unfastened Purification procedure
PHARMACEUTICAL-GRADE 70% GLA + ninety% OMEGA-three+7+nine


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