Bamboo Activated Charcoal Powder 12 oz

A premium food grade Bamboo Charcoal that mixes easily in water.
Steam Activated Bamboo Food Grade Charcoal Powder
A favorite for soap making, also used in Japanese baked pastries.

This bamboo activated charcoal powder will also be combined with water and brought internally for poisoning, indigestion, and diarrhea, or carried out externally in poultices, compresses and baths, for the remedy of infections, ache, and as a basic detoxifier.
A top class Meals grade Bamboo Charcoal that combines simply in water.
Steam Activated Bamboo Meals Grade Charcoal Powder
A favourite for cleaning soap making, additionally utilized in Eastern baked pastries.
Can be utilized as another of the activated Meals grade charcoal powders


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