Biotics Research, Blackcurrant Seed Oil (60C)

Black currant seed supply (225 mg) of omega-6 EFA offering gamma linolenic acid (GLA _ 40 mg), alpha linolenic acid (ALA – 27.5 mg), linolenic acid (LA – 117.5 mg), oleic acid (27.5 mg), and palmitic/stearic acid (17.5 mg) for irritation, high blood pressure from vasoconstriction, muscle and menstrual cramping, uterine spasms or constriction, pores and skin problems equivalent to eczema, and as a synergist to zinc, diet B6, and magnesium Dosage: 1-2 drugs thrice day by day with foods or as directed; building up to 4 drugs thrice day by day with foods for acute menstrual cramping Tags: Blackcurrant Seed Oil, 60C


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