Bulksupplements Pure Lecithin Powder

100% pure powder. No fillers.
Lab tested for verification & guaranteed purity
Factory-sealed foil zip pouch

Even as Lecithin is basically a phospholipid aggregate, it additionally incorporates phosphorous and different nitrogenous compounds corresponding to Choline. It’s totally fit to be eaten and is very important for the frame to correctly serve as, present in various quantities in all dwelling organisms. Research have tentatively speculated at the choice of well being advantages Lecithin can have (corresponding to liver, pores and skin and neurological well being), however It’s such a lot broadly used as an emulsifier, or a substance that forestalls different parts from isolating. That is indispensable within the manufacturing of quite a lot of meals and specifically in cosmetics like conditioners, lotions and lipsticks.
one hundred% natural powder. No fillers.
Lab examined for verification & assured purity
Manufacturing unit-sealed foil zip pouch
Efficient stabilizer & emulsifier
Utilized in meals, beauty & pharmaceutical merchandise


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