Bundle – 4 Items – Clipper Lighter Sugar Skulls “Mexican Skulls 2” Collection

Refillable Fluid + Replaceable Flint = Unlimited Life Span
SAFE – Child Resistant Strike Wheel
Super Strong Nylon Material

CLIPPER® isn’t just any lighter – It is distinctive, eco-pleasant, multi-goal instrument. CLIPPER® used to be the primary authentic refillable lighter and has been made in Barcelona, Spain on account that 1972. It is distinctive spherical form and the unique purposes have made it widespread in over 80 international locations and is the Worlds #1 promoting lighter. CLIPPER® is a prime tech high quality lighter that is available in a couple of designs for a wide variety of fanatics. CLIPPER® Lighters are patently used to gentle cigarettes and plenty of different pieces but in addition Can be utilized for: 1) Packing tobacco on your hand-rolled cigarettes with the patented detachable flint gadget. 2) Can be utilized to % the tobacco within pipes. three) Positioned completely within beer bottles to stay your bottle from getting blended up. four) Commencing beer bottles. Those are simply the extra widespread issues CLIPPER® lighters are used for, however your creativeness is the restrict. Far and wide the sector there are other people with wonderful CLIPPER® Lighter collections and on a regular basis there are new creditors beginning out because of the big variety of designs that CLIPPER® has to provide. Get started your assortment nowadays and sign up for the remainder of the sector in “Clipper Mania”
Refillable Fluid + Replaceable Flint = Limitless Existence Span
SAFE – Kid Resistant Strike Wheel
Tremendous Sturdy Nylon Subject material
The Flint Arm Can Be Used as a Handy Tobacco Packing Device
The Unique Clipper Pre-set Flame Valve Avoids Burning Dangers


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