CHADA Coconut Activated Charcoal Powder Bottle 100g

Make from 100% organic made from coconut shells in Thailand.
A premium grade coconut activated charcoal.
All natural face mask that can reduce the appearance of acne. Help skin smooth &moisture.

Coconut Activated Charcoal from “CHADA” logo-identify make from Coconut at Gulf of Thailand, from farm in southern of thailand. Supply coal easiest high quality, Blank manufacturing precess within the Meals Grade Requirements. It used to be burnt underneath the temperature of greater than 1,000 levels celcius, has a prime stage of carbon purity, no tar or no pollutants. Use historic furnace to take care of high quality of bamboo. Appropriate for a number of packages.

CHADA Coconut Activated Charcoal the usage of in Wholesome & Good looks trade comparable to cleaning soap, shampoo, skin care cream, and so on. It’s used extensively within the spa trade. Masks implemented to stand and frame. Is also used for brushing enamel so achieve stunning white enamel.

Is substance that may be extensively deployed. Now not handiest to extinguish odors or used as gasoline for cooking within the vintage days handiest.

Important: In packed have silica gel for used as a desiccant to keep an eye on native humidity. DO NOT EAT IT!
Make from one hundred% natural constructed from coconut shells in Thailand.
A top rate grade coconut activated charcoal.
All herbal face Masks that may cut back the semblance of zits. Assist pores and skin easy &moisture.
Very efficient on offensive odors from fabrics.


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