Doctor Love’s Light Flesh The Perfect Marital Aid 6″

Designed for use with or without an erection
Adjustable wide straps for comfort up to 50 inches
Soft outer sleeve with semi-rigid inner sleeve

Sexual wants among companions are tough passionate and will have to no longer be denied as a result of brief disorder. The 6” lengthy prosthetic is absolute best for keeping up an erotic and fulfilling bodily dating. With the huge straps for convenience adjustable as much as 50 inches. The internal has a diameter of one-1/eight inch and is 5 inches deep. The outside has a diameter of one-five/eight inch with a period of 6 inches.
Designed to be used without or with an erection
Adjustable huge straps for convenience as much as 50 inches
Comfortable outer sleeve with semi-inflexible interior sleeve
At ease for consumer and spouse
Comprises lubricant pillow %


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