Egg Yolk Lecithin 60 Caps

Egg Yolk Lecithin
Soy-free lecithin supplement
Supports cardiovascular and cognitive health

Egg Yolk Lecithin is a brand new soy-unfastened complement that gives the entire advantages of lecithin with out the soy. Lecithin is a herbal fats emulsifier and a supply of mind-nourishing phosphatidylcholine (PC). It is extensively really useful through nutritionists for helping circulatory and center well being, immune potential and liver well being. At the same time as so much lecithin dietary supplements are soy derived, eggs also are a perfect supply. Our new Egg Yolk Lecithin is of course derived from fine quality eggs and accommodates most effective 5 mg of ldl cholesterol according to serving.
Egg Yolk Lecithin
Soy-unfastened lecithin complement
Helps cardiovascular and cognitive well being


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