Elemental Magnesium Amino Acid Chelate 300 mg 100 Caps

Nature’s Blend Elemental Magnesium
Amino acid chelated form of magnesium for optimum bioavailability
Magnesium helps build and maintain healthy muscles and bones

Nature’s Mix Amino Acid Chelate of Elemental Magnesium gives you 300 mg of chelated magnesium for max absorption and assimilation on your frame. Chelation is the results of minerals changing into chemically sure to amino acids in an excessively explicit way. Chelation happens obviously all through the digestive procedure to facilitate shipping of minerals around the intestinal wall in order that they is also applied all the way through the frame. Amino acids aren’t the one “chelators” to be had, however they are perfect for minerals like magnesium.
Nature’s Mix Elemental Magnesium
Amino acid chelated type of magnesium for max bioavailability
Magnesium is helping construct and care for wholesome muscle groups and bones


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