Enzymatic Therapy Gluten Defense Vegetarian Capsules, 120 Count

Gluten Defense is specifically formulated to defend against gluten
Gluten and casein are found where you’d never expect them – salad dressings, cold cuts – even toothpaste! 
Gluten Defense features DPP IV (dipeptidyl peptidase) activity, from a protease enzyme specific to digestion of gluten and casein

For us, the focal point has at all times been on protection, and depending on evidence of product effectiveness. At the same time as lots of our merchandise had been researched, it is very essential to us to strike a stability among conventional drugs and brand new technology-making us a novel nutritional complement corporate that may be offering conventional natural dietary supplements, in addition to the ones which can be subsidized through technology. Our dedication to the trade we helped create hasn’t ever wavered. As the primary top U.S. nutritional complement corporate to be qualified as an natural processor, our relentless pursuit for high quality is clear in our product line. We provide an in depth vary of well being-selling merchandise which were moderately scrutinized and examined, all At the same time as adhering to Just right Production Practices in order that we will be able to ensure them to exceed expectancies.
Gluten Safety is in particular formulated to protect in opposition to gluten
Gluten and casein are discovered the place you would by no means be expecting them – salad dressings, chilly cuts – even toothpaste! 
Gluten Safety options DPP IV (dipeptidyl peptidase) job, from a protease enzyme explicit to digestion of gluten and casein
Competing merchandise best take on gluten – Gluten Safety is helping you digest different proteins, fat and carbohydrates as neatly.
Vegetarian; Gluten-Loose


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