Enzymedica GlutenEase 2x

Critical Care Gluten Digestion
Breaks down two-times the gluten protein as GlutenEase
Exclusive extra strength Thera-blend (G2)

GlutenEase 2XTM accommodates the brand new Thera-blendTM (G2) for awesome gluten degradation

Enzymedica makes use of an Unique Thera-blendTM procedure for protease, lipase, amylase and cellulase enzymes. Which means that each and every enzyme if truth be told accommodates a mix of a couple of lines. GlutenEase 2X accommodates an Unique prime potency Protease Thera-mix (G2) for stronger digestion of gluten and casein. In contrast to all different Thera-blends, the G2 mixture is mixed in particular for its talent to improve DPP-IV Job and build up the velocity and potency of Gluten protein digestion.

The awesome mixture of Thera-mix (G2) and DPP-IV supply no less than 2 occasions the digestive give a boost to in the past noticed with our authentic Thera-mix. It does this by way of breaking down no less than two times as so much gluten protein as GlutenEaseTM 2X in much less time.

Starch-digesting amylase enzymes in GlutenEase 2X lend a hand within the digestion of the carbohydrate section of grains (comparable to wheat) which include gluten.

Very important Care Gluten Digestion
Breaks down -occasions the gluten protein as GlutenEase
Unique additional potential Thera-mix (G2)
Completely no fillers brought


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