Flax Lignans 35mg SDG Lignans 2 Pack

FLaxseed Lignans with 35 mg of SDG Lignan per capsule
Hormone Balancing
Reduces Cortisol

LIGNANS FOR LIFE CONCENTRATED FLAX SEED LIGNANS (SDG) FROM FLAX HULLS. Each and every tablet accommodates Flaxseed Hulls plus standardized SDG lignans from flaxseed hulls to supply a constant 35 mg of SDG lignans, each time. bottles on this be offering. 90 tablets Each and every bottle. We grind up the flax hull powder and placed them in tablets together with an excessively extremely focused SDG lignan extract from flaxseed. 90 COUNT BOTTLE. 2 BOTTLES. For folks or pets. Each and every tablet accommodates 230 mg of flaxseed hulls plus 70 mg of forty% standardized SDG extract for a complete of 35 mg of SDG Lignans. GLUTEN FREE. Lignans have hormone balancing homes. Lignans are phyto-vitamins that assist steadiness estrogen ranges to assist toughen breast well being. They bind to estrogen receptors however with much less organic impact. The lignans would possibly block the conversion of testosterone into DHT to assist toughen prostate well being. Many Vets and Universities counsel lignans for Cushings in canines. The lignans would possibly cut back cortisol ranges in canines. Lignans supply Antioxidant coverage too.
FLaxseed Lignans with 35 mg of SDG Lignan in step with tablet
Hormone Balancing
Reduces Cortisol
90 tablets in step with bottle
standardized sdg lignans


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