Liposomal DHA Vegan Non GMO Non Allergen 6oz

Liposomal Delivery For The Best Absorption
All Natural No Synthetic Binders
Vegan: absolutely no ingredients from animal origin are in this product.

Technical Knowledge Sheet Product Description: Water soluble DHA oil is a white milky liquid that incorporates Herbal DHA and Herbal flavors. It’ll combine into any drink so that you can experience and advertise your well being.

Environmentally sustainable: This product is sourced from environmentally sustainable algae in order that the sector’s fish inhabitants isn’t lowered.

No poisonous metals: Algae purity is a long way upper than fish, which frequently have poisonous steel increase corresponding to mercury in tuna. Water soluble DHA is extremely low in heavy metals.

3rd birthday party laboratory effects:

Arsenic: < 0.1 ppm Cadmium: < 0.1 ppm Lead: < 0.2 ppm Mercury: < 0.1 ppm Proper type of Omega 3 DHA: Earlier than omega-three absorption can happen, the oil will have to be shaped into an emulsion. Our Chilly dependent DHA is already in the proper shape for absorption as it's pre-blended with water; we've already eradicated an absorption step for you. Approximately part of the DHA is Unfastened whilst the opposite part is similar shape as present in fish. Unfastened DHA may be extra simply assimilated through your frame Different Omega-three are simply the beginning issues to get to DHA that best convert at not up to five% potency. Why no longer take the lively shape? Synthetic the use of Empirical Lab's proprietary Chilly Construction TechnologyTM that used to be invented at our production facility in Fort Collins, CO. Because of this the oil used to be by no means exposed to prime temperatures or pressures; others declare this, we in fact do that for you. Liposomal Supply For The Highest Absorption All Herbal No Artificial Binders Vegan: completely no meals from animal starting place are on this product. No Irradiation Used Mixes Neatly in Water or Juice [amz_corss_sell asin="B00I0GWFR2"]


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