Lure for Him Pheromone Attractant, 1oz bottles (Pack of 3)

Pack of 3
Feature: Pheromone-Based Cologne. Lure pheromone-infused fragrances and personal care products attract amorous attention.

Pheromones ship out silent, unconscious odor indications to the other intercourse that obviously cause romantic emotions. This scientifically, designed pheromone-Based totally perfume offers you one of the vital robust forces of nature. No longer a trifling cologne, however a sexual signalling odor in line with the chemistryof the attractant alpha-androstenol. You are going to in finding that your stunning bottle of LURE is extra treasured than gold. It would be best to stay it beneath lock and key for your private velvet bag.
% of 3
Characteristic: Pheromone-Based totally Cologne. Entice pheromone-infused fragrances and private care merchandise draw in amorous consideration.


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