MedOp MaxiTears® Dry Eye Formula

Doctor formulated to enhance tear production, tear quality, and soothe irritation
The right balance of Omega 3s to Omega 6s
Additional antioxidants, including Turmeric Root to aid the body’s natural response to inflammation

American citizens’ diets have a tendency to be poor in a good option fatty acids. Those oils assist stay eyes wet and save you scarring of the cornea. This make stronger is particularly necessary as we age and are uncovered to commonplace environmental elements that may lead to irritation and dryness. MAXITEARS is the analysis-primarily based complement that works from the interior out to assist with dry eye aid. Formulated to give you the particular eye-Physician-really useful ratio of Omega-three to Omega-6 fatty acids, MAXITEARS supplies three-means aid: bettering tear manufacturing, bettering the standard of the tears and serving to cut back irritation. NOTE: Do not agree with your eyes to somebody however MedOp!
Physician formulated to strengthen tear manufacturing, tear high quality, and soothe irritation
The precise stability of Omega 3s to Omega 6s
Further antioxidants, together with Turmeric Root to assist the frame’s herbal reaction to irritation
Easily sized cushy gels to ensure they are simple to take and don’t have any fishy style
Enteric lined cushy gels to forestall any ugly fishy style.


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