MorEpa Mini-Junior

Pharmaceutical -grade deep-sea fish oil
The “gold standard” in omega-3 supplements

60 caps
Combines omega-three/omega-6 with the easiest to be had focus of EPA.
Ideal for youngsters and youth, to make sure an good enough day by day consumption of those crucial fatty acids.
MorEPA Mini-Junior is a herbal supply of extremely purified and focused omega-three fatty acids derived from pharmacuetical-grade fish oil. Impurities equivalent to mercury and PCBs had been got rid of thru a sequence of extremely technological tactics as SFE/SFC (Supercritical Fluid Extraction/Chromatography) at low temperatures (under 50 C). Protecting anti-oxidants had been introduced to MorEPA-mini.
A herbal strawberry flavouring supplies a pleasing style. one hundred% of MorEPA, together with the gelatine, has been manufacutred from deep-sea fish. MorEPA-mini Hello-EPA fish oil drugs include prime ranges – no less than seventy five%- of extremely purified omega-three fatty acids. As an alternative of taking a number of drugs of fish oil an afternoon, you most effective must take drugs of MorEPA Mini-Junior. This implies you’ll be able to steer clear of the excess Fats that you’d get from eating atypical fish oil.
This complement is very beneficial given that Western vitamins, on moderate, accommodates inadequate ranges of EPA.
Each comfortable Tablet (internet weight 432mg) accommodates no less than 240mg EPA (approx) and 35mg DHA (approx), in addition to 10mg night time primrose oil (GLA).
Ingredients:Deep-sea fish oil, softgel (fish gelatine, purified water, glycerol), Combined tocopherols, night time primrose oil, herbal strawberry flavour.
Total Tablet Weight = 614mgFill Weight = 432mgEnergy KCal = 4 – KJ:18Carbohydrates = 1.62mgProtein – 101mgFats = 0.4gSaturated Fats = 0gUnsaturated Fats = 0.4gOmega-three Fatty Acids = 311mg- EPA (Eicosapentaenoic Acid) = 240mg- DHA (Docosahexaenoic Acid) = 35mgEvening Primrose Oil = 10mgVitamin E (Combined Tocopherols) = 2.5 I.U.
Directions to be used:

As a meals complement for youngsters, youngsters and youth.
One softgel drugs two times in line with day, ideally at mealtime. The content material of the Tablet will also be Combined with
Pharmaceutical -grade deep-sea fish oil
The “gold usual” in omega-three dietary supplements


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