NOW Foods BerryDophilus 60 Chewables

4 Probiotic Strains*
2.5 Billion Input
Natural Berry Flavor – Xylitol Sweetened

NOW® BerryDophilus┢ is a mixture of probiotic bacterial Traces designed to improve gastrointestinal well being and wholesome immune machine serve as. As well as, wholesome intestinal plants additionally is helping to create a good surroundings for the absorption of vitamins. FOS is integrated on this product to help wholesome expansion of acidophilus and bifidus organisms. BerryDophilus┢ can be utilized through each adults and youngsters. As a result of it’s sweetened with Xylitol, chewable BerryDophilus┢ would possibly not hurt tooth and it tastes nice.*
4 Probiotic Traces*
2.5 Billion Enter
Herbal Berry Taste – Xylitol Sweetened


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