Omega Nutrition Flax Seed Oil, 32-Ounce

Makes your hair, skin and nails healthier.
Flax oil has more than twice the amount of omega-3 fatty acids as fish oils.
Certified organic and 100% vegetarian.

Omega Vitamins’s Flax Seed Oil is nature’s best high quality. It’s the most efficient and hottest unrefined, Qualified-Natural flax seed oil to be had. Grown with out insecticides or synthetic fertilizers, we chilly-press and procedure at low temperatures to keep all dietary price. Natural flax oil is the richest vegetarian supply of omega-three Very important fatty acids (EFA ‘s). Due to the fact that our our bodies can not produce EFA ‘s, they will have to be received from our vitamin. Flax seed oil is exclusive as it incorporates each omega-three and omega-6 fatty acids which might be important for keeping up just right well being. Our our bodies rely on EFA ‘s for standard cellphone serve as. Very important fatty acids act as construction blocks in cellphone membranes, and convey hormone-like supplies important for power metabolism and cardiovascular and immune well being. Flax seed oil incorporates greater than two times the quantity of omega-three fatty acids as fish oils.
Makes your hair, pores and skin and nails more healthy.
Flax oil has greater than two times the quantity of omega-three fatty acids as fish oils.
Qualified Natural and one hundred% vegetarian.


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