Optimal Nutrition Cold Pressed Krill Oil Lemon Flavored Softgel Capsules with Essential Fatty Acids Omega 3, 6, and 9 (60 Capsules-1000mg)

1000 mg per serving
Purified & Mercury free
Contains only naturally occurring EPA & DHA

Optimal Nutrients Krill Oil

Optimal Nutrients Krill Oil is derived from the tiny, shrimp-like fish that whales and whale sharks feed on from the deep and natural waters surrounding the Antarctic.. Crucial vitamins in Krill Oil are omega-three fatty acids and phospholipid-derived fatty acids (PFLA), additionally known as marine lecithin.

Omega 3

Our prime quality Antarctic Krill Oil formulation Incorporates Omega 6 that are simply known, incorporated and used by the frame in Phospholipid shape. Krill oil additionally Incorporates astaxanthin, a herbal antioxidant. Our formulation is constructed from solvent unfastened krill that may be pressed on board vessel at time of harvest for freshness and purity.

Finest On The Market

Optimal Nutrients makes use of a generation which preseves the freshness of the krill oil, restricting not unusual fishy scent and offering a contemporary lemon taste.

Proper Dosage and Use

Proper dosing is determined by the consumer’s age, well being, and different well being situation. Krill Oil can skinny the blood so will have to be discontinued a few weeks prematurely of surgical procedure. Positive folks with fish bronchial asthma could have a response to Krill Oil and will have to use warning or take a look at Earlier than beginning a routine. It’s at all times really useful that people seek the advice of their medical doctors Earlier than taking any herbal complement.

Name You Can Trust

Optimal Nutrients is instantly construction a reputation within the complement marketplace that may be relied on. Earlier than taking any medicine or complement you will need to recognise up to imaginable in regards to the product. It’s similarly essential to discuss with your physician to make certain this product or any complement one is thinking about does no longer counteract medicines lately being prescribed.

1000 mg in keeping with serving
Purified & Mercury unfastened
Incorporates best naturally happening EPA & DHA
Antarctica krill
New lemon taste no fishy scent or aftertaste


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