Organic India Ashwagandha Capsules, 180 Count

-NATURAL STRESS RELIEF – Powerful adaptogen formulation soothes the nervous system, providing a quick, safe, and natural way to relieve stress, anxiety, and insomnia
-THYROID AND HORMONE BALANCE – Our organic herb formula fosters improved thyroid function, and supports reproductive health for men and women
-REGENERATES ENERGY AND VITALITY – This rejuvenative tonic helps support your body’s natural energy and metabolism, stabilizing blood sugar and boosting adrenal health. A natural remedy for adrenal fatigue.

ORGANIC INDIA Ashwagandha Natural Supplement Veg Capsules

This restorative Ayurvedic herb extract is a effective adaptogen, serving to the frame to reply and adapt to the bodily and psychological rigidity that plagues our busy life.

Restore your frame’s herbal talent to deal with stressors to supply fast, protected, and herbal anxiety reduction, and renew BALANCE for your frame’s endocrine, immune, cardiovascular, reproductive, and apprehensive techniques.

Our vegan, USDA-Qualified Natural, gluten-unfastened and non-GMO Components is synthesized from natural Ashwagandha (Withania somnifera) herb extract and formulated for speedy, environment friendly, and awesome absorption and bio-availability.

Naturally restores power and metabolism, rebuilding the frame’s power reserves, relieving adrenal fatigue, and selling a sooner metabolism for weight reduction and lean muscle expansion. The nerve regenerating houses reinforce brain and memory serve as–assuaging the infamous brain fog–at the same time as antioxidants battle unfastened radicals, thereby lowering irritation, joint ache, and backache.

Promotes balanced endocrine serve as, restores hormone stability, and improves thyroid serve as.

Also options precursors to reproductive hormones and helps reproductive well being for women and men. Enjoy the multitude of well being advantages from this historical herb, and repair most fulfilling capability for your frame thru Natural India’s depended on and licensed Ashwagandha Vegan Components. Kosher and Halal Qualified.

ORGANIC INDIA is dedicated to offering the best quality and so much efficient Natural dietary supplements. On the center of ORGANIC INDIA is our commitment to be a dwelling embodiment of affection and awareness in action. We paintings with thousands of small circle of relatives farmers in India to cultivate tens of thousands of acres of sustainable Natural farmland.
-NATURAL STRESS RELIEF – Tough adaptogen formula soothes the apprehensive machine, offering a snappy, protected, and herbal method to relieve rigidity, anxiety, and insomnia
-THYROID AND HORMONE BALANCE – Our Natural herb Components fosters advanced thyroid serve as, and helps reproductive well being for women and men
-REGENERATES ENERGY AND VITALITY – This rejuvenative tonic is helping reinforce your frame’s herbal power and metabolism, stabilizing blood sugar and boosting adrenal well being. A herbal treatment for adrenal fatigue.
-DECREASES INFLAMMATION – Tough antioxidant houses smash scale back the frame’s irritation, soothing again ache and joint aches
-USDA CERTIFIED ORGANIC – Our tablets are synthesized from USDA-Qualified Natural herbs, caringly grown and cultivated on sustainable, Natural farmland. No GMO, no gluten, and vegan. Kosher and Halal Qualified.


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