Phospholipid Complex 8 Oz

Phospholipid Complicated 8 ouncesDietary Complement – Non Soy – Non GMO DIRECTIONS: 2 TEASPOONS DAILY IN THE MORNING OR AFTERNOON OR AS DIRECTED BY YOUR PHYSICIAN. Refrigerate after commencing. Complement Information Serving Measurement: 8 milliliters Servings in keeping with Bottle: 30 Phospholipid Complicated: 5200 mg Phosphatidylcholine (from Sunflower Lecithin) phosphatidylethanolamine (from Sunflower Lecithin) phosphatidylinositol (from Sunflower Lecithin) minor glycolipids (from Sunflower Lecithin) sunflower oil. As with every nutritional dietary supplements are seeking for the recommendation of your certified healthcare supplier past to make use of of this product. Pregnant or lactating ladies will have to seek the advice of their certified healthcare supplier past to make use of.


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