Pure for Men – 120 Capsules

Keeps you clean when it matters most!
Clean sheets and zero stains, guaranteed
All natural psyllium husk + chia + flaxseed dietary fibers (100% Vegan)

Natural for Males is a nutritional fiber complement that promotes digestive cleanliness and private hygiene. Positioned merely, it Helps to keep your “runway” transparent for touchdown and is helping you steer clear of any embarrassing injuries all over playtime. The one hundred% all-herbal, top-grade fibers (psyllium husk, chia and flaxseed) supply bulk, functioning as a cleaning agent because it correctly passes throughout the digestive device. While you “move”, you’ll be able to move all of the method, leaving not anything at the back of to get in the way in which of a amusing evening!
Helps to keep you Blank while it issues such a lot!
Blank sheets and nil stains, assured
All herbal psyllium husk + chia + flaxseed nutritional fibers (one hundred% Vegan)
50% extra fiber in step with tablet than best dietary supplements
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