Smokin’ Dice Game

All you need are som good buds (I mean friends) and some grass (like from the lawn mower, man) and get ready to have a smokin’ good time!
Roll them bones, I mean the dice, and follow the directions.
With the Stonerware Smokin’ Dice Game everybody’s a winner!

Stonerware Smokin Cube Sport IC00732. The sport of slang! Wacky Tobacky is a Cube Sport of pot slang phrases. Merely roll the entire die and select die to create a brand new slang time period for marijuana. The time period will have to make experience to the entire different avid gamers. Use the pot leaf image as a wild card. If you can not end a brand new time period you will have to then do any dare your folks select. This is a burn-head, hippie-bag just right time! Grownup video games.
All you wish to have are som just right buds (I imply pals) and a few grass (like from the garden mower, guy) and get in a position to have a smokin’ just right time!
Roll them bones, I imply the Cube, and practice the instructions.
With the Stonerware Smokin’ Cube Sport everyone’s a winner!
Revel in!


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