Viva Cream Arousal Gel

Exhilarating cooling, warming, and tingling sensations form a perfect arousal wave
Toy compatible and ingestible
Sugar-free and will not contribute to yeast infections


Viva Cream is a thrilling clitoral gel formulated in particular for ladies to stimulate arousal, accentuate sensations, and supply exhilarating waves of tingling, cooling, and warming excitement. It starts out with a cooling sensation and results in a warming tingle. It comprises L-citrulline, which starts helping blood glide to the clitoris and Niacin, which aids with each the blood glide and the warming. It’s ingestible and has a herbal minty taste. Viva Cream’s distinctive system is sugar-unfastened and protected to make use of with out the danger of yeast infections, leading to pleaasure on touch.
Exhilarating cooling, warming, and tingling sensations shape an ideal arousal wave
Toy suitable and ingestible
Sugar-unfastened and won’t give a contribution to yeast infections
Formulated to advertise womenÕs sexual well being
Warming/cooling tingle


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