Viva Labs Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

Viva Naturals Natural Coconut Oil will provide you with a very easy, superb means so as to add taste in your nutrition, and spice up your pores and skin and hair regime with the facility of MCTs, immune boosters, and compounds present in coconuts.

The Viva Naturals Difference

Viva Naturals does not supply its coconuts from massive-scale farms the place machines pop lots of coconuts off the timber on a daily basis. As an alternative, Viva Naturals contracts with native farmers, who hand select coconuts in idyllic, fertile mountain areas within the Philippines.

These succulent coconuts are then chilly-pressed at low temperatures the use of our proprietary extraction manner, retaining nutrients, minerals and MCTs.

What Makes Viva Naturals Natural Further Virgin Coconut Oil So Awesome?

The Highest Style: Viva Naturals traveled the sector as a way to to find the most productive-tasting coconuts. After hundred of hours, we found out that probably the most scrumptious coconuts are grown within the fertile soils of the Philippines. With each and every jar of oil, you can Style the wealthy, silky clean texture that may be derived from those “cream of the crop” coconuts.

Grown in a Pristine Herbal Surroundings: Our farms are miles clear of the closest town and located with amongst huge nature keep. This implies there may be just about no air pollution or pesticide runoff.

Specialized Extraction: Viva Naturals chilly presses each and every coconut inside a couple of hours of being harvested the use of our proprietary extraction manner. Somewhat than storing the coconuts in a warehouse for weeks and even months, the short turnover crystallizes just about the entire MCTs and antioxidants within the oil.

See {nutrients|nutrition} data for overall fats and saturated fats content material.


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